Reciprocity has the mission to drive more regenerative and nature-inspired business practices and to shift systems of inequality to systems of reciprocity.

Reciprocity is a mutual exchange of energy.

The concept of reciprocity can be found in many indigenous cultures around the world. It is expressed in different forms, words and slightly different meanings but they all describe a balance – an equal give and take between humans and nature, all beings and non-beings. For the most part, humankind has mostly just taken from earth. We are in debt. It is time for us as individuals, communities and businesses to give back. 

We do that by exploring what it means to be a reciprocal business, trade partner, employer, and citizen. We want to foster a culture of giving back to employees, producers, land and earth. 

Reciprocity was founded by Ela Rose, a sustainability business advisor. She holds an MSc in Environmental Science and has been working with a variety of companies to help embed sustainability into their business practices. Recently, she travelled to India, Indonesia and throughout North America down into Guatemala. On her journey she witnessed an abundance of natural beauty and experienced cultures that reignited her passion for sustainability in new ways. It connected her deeply with the livelihoods and the ecosystems that are at stake and that are already impacted by climate change. She was introduced to different indigenous cultures and realised that their concepts, beliefs and their deep connection with nature is something that is missing in typical sustainability conversations. She realised that there is a missing link between the people whose livelihoods will be heavily impacted by climate change, deforestation and the privatisation of land and the people who are making decisions within businesses about their future. It is her mission to bring these unrepresented voices into business management and to drive Climate Justice.