Reciprocity has the mission to reconnect people to nature through sharing ancient wisdom from different cultures.

Reciprocity” means a mutual exchange of energy.

The concept of reciprocity can be found in many indigenous cultures around the world. It is expressed in different forms, words and slightly different meanings (e.g. as Ayni in Quechua and as Sumac Kawsay in Kichwa) but they all describe a balance – an equal give and take between humans and nature, all beings and non-beings. For the longest time we have been just taking from earth or what in Andean cultures is described as “Pachamama” – the universal mother.

It is time to reconnect, reunite, give back and heal together.

At Reciprocity we want to be at service to Pachamama through sharing what we learn from indigenous communities around the world through ceremonies and media channels. Our aim is to help strengthen the voices of indigenous communities, help spread their important messages and apply their concepts to reconnect people to nature.