I am Ela Rose, I am a yoga teacher, a shamanic practitioner, a Tantrica, a lover of nature and a sustainability business advisor. I am here to reconnect people to nature by studying and sharing indigenous traditions and their medicines.

My mission is to help people and nature to heal together.

Over the last years I travelled to India, Indonesia and throughout North America down into Central America. On my journey I witnessed an abundance of natural beauty and experienced cultures that reignited my passion for sustainability in new ways. It connected me deeply with the livelihoods and the ecosystems that are at stake and that are already impacted by climate change. I was introduced to different indigenous cultures and realised that their concepts, beliefs and their deep connection with nature is something that is missing in typical sustainability conversations and in many of our lives. Hence, it is my mission to bring the important voices of unrepresented indigenous groups into my work – as a sacred space holder but also a sustainability professional.

Education and Certification

B.A. in Communication within social and business contexts
MSc in Environmental Science from Imperial College London

200 YTT at Shades of Yoga in January 2019 in Bali (Yoga Alliance accredited)
50h Sacred Space Training in April 2020 at Puravidya in Guatemala (Yoga Alliance accredited)
300 YTT at Kula Collective in 2021 (Yoga Alliance accredited)