Photo by Lavalove Cacao

Lavalove Ceremonial Cacao is available through Reciprocity in Mexico City

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Get your Guatemalan organic, ceremonial cacao block to make your own, whenever you need a boost of joy, bliss AND healthy minerals.

What makes Cacao so special
Cacao is an ancient and sacred food in the mayan and Inca culture. It origins go back to the Mexican Olmec cultures (1500 to 400 BC)
where cacao beverages already were part of spiritual ceremonies.
Since then it has been used as a plant medicine for rituals, ceremonies and shamanic practices.

Drinking cacao allows you to enter a deeper meditative state and can create feelings of happiness and even euphoria. 

It is also known as “heart” medicine” as it increase the flow of blood,
releases happiness hormones like serotonin, tryptophan, tyrosine, phenylethylamine and may also help to lower blood pressure over time.
It is also full of minerals like magnesium and iron and is high in antioxidants. 


Photo by Lavalove Cacao

Lavalove Cacao is high quality, sustainable, ethically farmed and low processed. The cacao is grown on plantation that have been there for decades.
The cacao comes from Guatemalan native trees called Criollo. Agroforestry helps to restore the environment, by combining cacao plants with other native plants.
The shells from the peeled beans are not wasted, they are used to fertilize our crops.
The cacao beans are roasted and hand-peeled by indigenous families where it supports livelihoods.
Find out more about Lavalove Cacao here

The difference between ceremonial cacao and cocoa powder

Criollo is a native plant, and endangered because of increasing demand of other “man-made” plant species that are used for mass production and high yields.
Ceremonial Cacao is made from the whole beans and is minimal processed meaning that it’s rich all or most of their natural compounds.
A fermentation process of the beans brings out the flavor and activates certain natural compounds.
The beans are then roasted at low temperatures, cracked, and stone ground.
Compared with chocolate, cacao doesn’t include any other ingredients.
You can find cacao powder easily, but again it’s highly processed and lost a lot of its original properties.
Lavalove Cacao is made with the Cacao Spirit in mind and therefore the plants are respected at every level, from production to the last sip.

How to have Cacao?
It’s important to use the right dosage to make best use of the cacao properties.
I shared a recipe on how to prepare cacao from a block in a tutorial video here.
Lavalove Cacao has the mission to rescue the wisdom of the Mayan ancient practice.
So it is important to respect the value and spirit of the cacao (Cacaocita).
Drink it in sacred circles, on your own or in a group ceremony.
Make it a special and spiritual moment when you have cacao, with a clear intention in mind.

I offer regular cacao ceremonies where you can learn about rituals you can integrate into your own cacao ceremonies.
You can book one here.

One lb of cacao costs 800 pesos and makes about 12-16 cups of plant medicine (ca. 60 pesos/cup).
This means you pay probably the same for your special cup of cacao than for a usual take away coffee…

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