Oil spill clean-up

Help indigenous tribes in the Ecuadorian Amazon to recover from a devastating and
life-threatening oil spill!

Earlier this year, one of the biggest oil spills the Ecuadorian Amazon has ever seen severely contaminated the Coca and Napo rivers. As a consequence, nearby residing indigenous tribes suffer from shocking health issues whilst the surrounding ecosystems are polluted and destroyed. 

An oil pipe owned by international companies recently burst. It was sourcing oil from the Amazon in order to provide electricity and products for communities far removed from the indigenous population.It creates serious health and survival issues for the local communities that depend on this primary source of water for drinking, washing, food provision and cooking. Alongside illnesses such as dangerous rashes, wounds and sores especially within children, it impacts the general health of the Amazon rainforest – a biodiversity hub that contributes to natural climate regulation and that we all benefit from as being the ‘lungs of the earth’.

Kurikindi, is a shaman of the Kichwa tribe in the Amazon Rainforest with the mission to bring harmony to humanity and Mother Earth and has been working with people in the West for years to deeply connect them to nature. Now, his Amazonian tribe, alongside 48 other communities along the Napo River are facing a tragic emergency. There are only a few communities left in the world who still live in traditional ways, holding deep wisdom and connection to the natural environment. They need your protection now. 

He would like to ask for your financial help to support the clean-up of the Coca and Napo rivers and the impacted livelihoods. The raised money will be used to i.e. provide urgently needed clean water for drinking, cooking and bathing, fund logistics and any necessary legal support required to help protect their indigenous and human rights. 

They need your help now!

The longer the oil seeps into the wider landscapes the more long-term damage it will cause to people and the environment and the more difficult the clean-up becomes.

Thank you for your loving generosity.

We thank you.

About Kurikindi

(Golden Hummingbird) was born and raised deep in the Amazon Rainforest of the Ecuador. He is part of the Kichwa tribe and will talk about the concept of Sumac Kawsay, which emphasises the importance of sustaining reciprocal relationship between all living beings.