Reforestation of Crillo Cacao

Help educate local farmers to restore the native Crillo cacao plant

Source: Lavalove Cacao

Criollo cacao is an indigenous cacao plant. Because of industrial mass cocoa production, the plant is in danger of being replaced by non-indigenous, modified crops. 

Izaias wants to help plant more Criollo cacao trees across Guatemala for future generations. The ambition is to set up an education programme for cacao farmers and small holders to teach them about sustainable farming practices rooted in a deep connection to Mother Earth, whilst helping them to secure their livelihoods and cover their basic needs such as building bathrooms, wastewater systems, good homes, education and sufficient nourishment.

About Izaias

Izaias was born and raised to an indigenous Mayan Kaqchikel family, in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala. He is a ceremonial cacao producer committed to treating it as a sacred food and a medicine whilst respecting earth in all steps of the cacao production.